Monday, July 25, 2016

Diary of a Struggling Student Entry One

July 25, 2016

Dear Diary,

Never thought I would be writing in a diary but I had to tell someone what happened.
My dad took me to the store today to get some camping supplies.  I love camping and we are going for a whole week.  I can’t take my games with me but I really don’t care.  I am good at camping.  I can set up the tent, make a fire, cook breakfast, and play in the woods.  I learned all that stuff from my dad.  What he teaches me I can do.  This brings me back to why I am writing this.  I keep being told I don’t stay on topic when I write.  I guess they are right.

I have trouble in school.  At least that is what my grades say.  My teachers tell me that I am fine but I know that is not true.  They keep giving me extra classes and special teachers to help me.  They all say the same thing over and over and I get the same grades every year.  I heard them say I have trouble with comprehension.  I guess I do because I don’t know what that means.  If they tested me on camping skills, I would not be what they call “struggling.”  I wonder how good they would be at comprehension if they had to explain how to build a fire with wet wood or set up a tent in the dark?  I bet my dad could be a special teacher and give them classes on comprehension.  Sorry, off topic again.

So, here is what happened today.  I am all excited for camping and can’t wait to leave.  I walk into the store and a great big signs say “Back To School Sale.”  Why would anyone do that in July?  We go to school in mid Aug and get out in late May.  That gives us two months of freedom.  Now they have to ruin it by reminding us that we will soon be back in school.  Are kids the only ones that know we don’t need those supplies?  This is like announcing you are going to the dentist to have a tooth drilled and filled a month before you have to go.  A law should be passed to not allow school to be mentioned during June or July!  They say I can’t read but I can read those signs!!! 
The worst part was my dad says we will have to come back and get the supplies I need for school after we get back from camping.  UGH!  Getting camping supplies is so much fun and now it is ruined with the thought of having to come back and go “school supply” shopping.  Maybe it will rain and flood so we can’t come back.  Maybe a bear will keep us prisoner and not let us leave the tent.  Maybe… My dad is calling and I have to go pack my backpack.  The same one that will be used later to lug books back and forth to school.  Useless material.  When you camp, you only take what is essential in your pack.  Maybe a law should be passed that only essential material can be carried in a school backpack.   Gotta go.  That was the second call from dad.

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