Thursday, September 8, 2016

Diary of a Struggling Student Entry Ten

Aug. 25, 2016

Dear Diary,

I was in big trouble.  The water would soon be over the rock I was standing on.  If I got on the tube, the wind and rain would make it impossible not to tip.  I was going to have to get in the water and use the rope to get me on shore.  It wasn’t far, but I knew as soon as I touched the water it might be all over.  I did not have a choice.  It was now or never.

“Get on the tube!”

I thought I heard something and looked toward shore.

“Get on the tube!  You have to do it now!  Get on the tube!”

“I can’t.  There is no way I can keep it from tipping over.  The rain and wind are so bad.”

“I will pull you to shore.  You have to try.  Get on the tube now!”

I knew that was the best option.  I at least had to give it a try.  I climbed on the tube and the wind and rain stopped.  The water was still running fast but the wind and rain stopped.  When I looked up at the sky it was blue!  How did he do that?  Did he cause the weather as well?  I realized he was pulling me to the shore.  As soon as I touched the shore, I jumped off the tube and pulled it out of the water.

“How did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Oh come on, how did you change the weather like that?”

“You think I changed the weather?”

“Well how would you explain it?  You tell me to get on the tube and all of a sudden the rain and wind just stop.”

“Have you ever heard of a hurricane?  Didn’t you realize this was not just a big thunderstorm?  We are in the eye of the hurricane and we need to get to shelter quick.  Once this passes the back side of the storm could be even worse.  Come on, let’s get back to camp.”

“Help me with the tube.  I do not want to leave it here again in case the back side is worse.”

“No, leave everything.  We need to get to shelter now!”

“I am not leaving the tube.”

I started to carry it myself and when he realized I would not leave it, he took one side and we carried it back to our campsite.   What a mess!  My tent was still standing but that was the only one.  To make matters worse the rain and wind started again as quickly as it had stopped.  The blue sky was gone.  I really had to look up hurricanes when I got back.  I said we should hunker down in my tent.  I secured the tube and we stayed in my tent.  It took about 3 more hours before the storm started to let up.

Just like the eye of the hurricane, when the back side of the hurricane passed, it cleared up and the blue sky was overhead.  The campsite was destroyed.  We spent the next few hours picking up what we could save out of the debris.

I went back to the water to see what was left of my pulley system.  To my surprise, it was still there.  The ropes were tangled and some trees were down across the ropes.  The pulleys attached to the tree were still there and the tree was still standing.  That tree was critical to getting us across the portal.

The water was running very hard and probably would for the next couple of days.  I could get everything set up and ready to go while the water went back to normal.

We spent the next two days cleaning up everything and getting our pulley system ready to go.  The water had settled down and tomorrow morning we were leaving. 

My buddy wasn’t trying to talk me out of it anymore and had been a huge help in getting everything ready.  I am not sure why the change but I was sure glad of the help and support.  I wondered if the hurricane scared him.  No matter, tomorrow I was finally going home.

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