Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Diary of a Strugggling Student Entry Five

August 9, 2016

Dear Diary,

The story continues:

I am heading to the water!  Why am I going to the water?

Great, now I can’t see, my legs won’t move and my head hurts.  I can taste dirt in my mouth.  I realize my eyes are closed and I open them.  I am laying face down on the ground.  I roll over and see a face looking at me.  “What happened?” I asked.

“You were heading to the water and I needed to stop you.  I was afraid if we made any noise they would know we were here.  I didn’t know what else to do so I picked up a rock and hit you over the head,” he said.

“Did you think maybe just telling me to stop would have been enough?”

“I didn’t dare speak or make noise.  They don’t know I am still here.  Why were you going to the water?  You know that they want to hurt you.”

“I couldn’t stop my feet from going to the water after they told me to come to them. It was very strange and like I had no control.”

“That is why I hit you.  I didn’t know what else to do.  Once you were unconscious, I don’t think they could sense you.  They stayed around calling for awhile and then left.”

“What do you mean awhile?  How long was I out?”

“Quite a while, I thought maybe I killed you.  That was pretty scary.”

“I don’t know whether to thank you or slug you.  My head really hurts and there seems to be some dried blood back there.”

“Hold on, and I will get you an icepack.  That will help ease some of the pain.”

“Where are you going to get an icepack?”

“I have lots of them.  They come in pretty handy around here.”

“Wait, are you telling me there is a drug store around here?”

“No, there are no stores out here.”

“Then, where did you get the icepacks?”

“Remember when I said there were others that were taken but you were the first that I tried to help?  Well many of the others were backpackers doing the Appalachian Trail or hikers climbing the mountain.  When they entered the water and got pulled in, they naturally got out of their backpacks in order to have a better chance to fight the current and save themselves.  The backpacks washed up on the edge of the water or got caught on a branch and I got them out and took them to my camp.  I never opened a backpack until several days had passed just in case the owner had made it out of the water.  No one ever did come looking for their backpack.  You would be amazed at what people carry.  Nothing that is extra but they have emergency supplies and food that doesn’t go bad.  Lots of nuts and dried fruit, beef jerky and stuff like that.  I even have a couple of tents and sleeping bags.  Once I dried them out, they have come in pretty handy.  Let’s go.  My camp is very close by.”

I got up and followed him back to his camp.  I was very surprised at what I saw.  There were lots of backpacks and everything you would need to camp.  This included: pots and pans, canteens, lighters, tin dishes and cups, clothes, hats, gloves, rope, emergency kits and food.  I couldn’t help but wonder just how many people had gone by.  Were all these people really dead –I mean eliminated?  Why did he choose to help me and not any of the others?
I turned to ask that very question and he was gone.  How could that be?  I followed him to the site and then glanced around and now he is gone.  How is it he can move and not make noise?  I thought, I need to find out a little more about this guy.  I will sit in the middle of the open space with this icepack on my head and see him when he returns to the camp.  I will also see “how” he returns to the camp.  And now, the wait begins…

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