Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Diary of a Struggling Student Entry Eight

Aug. 23, 2016

Dear Diary,

Here is the plan:

We will set the pulleys up on the tree that was used to tie the tube when it got pulled through the portal.  We will run the rope through the pulleys tying one end to the tube and the other end we will be pulling on to take the tube back through the portal.  It isn’t that far as the original rope was not that long.  I just hope the portal opens in the same place each time.

Once we have completed that task, we will go to the water, get in and get on the tube.  As soon as the water starts to rush, we will pull like crazy.

“Wait,” he said.  “How do we even know if the water will start to rush?  What if it doesn’t and all we do is let them know where we are and that we are still alive?”

“Sometimes you just have to count on the pattern repeating.”  I can’t believe I was using the words my math teacher used.  “Look for the pattern and you will often find the solution.”  The pattern was when either one of us got in the water, it began to rush.

“What if the tube tips over?  We will be washed downstream and all will be lost.”

“We will need to secure ourselves to the tube.  Consider that our lifeline.  We will go where the tube goes and that is out of here!”

“What if the current is so strong it pulls the line right out of our hands?”

“That can’t happen because the pulley piece I am using with us is one way.  When you pull the rope through it locks and it can’t go back through.  You keep pulling.  That is what rock climbers depend on.  Until they release the rope, it can never go back through.”

“You do realize if this does not work, we will not get a second chance.  They will be coming for us and know exactly where we are.  Even if the water stops rushing, we will not get away.  They will be waiting and get us before we can get out of the water.  Do you trust your plan enough to risk your life?”

“I know that you have to try in order to succeed.  There is risk with everything but taking the risk is better than giving up.  I do not want to stay here forever and watch other people getting pulled in and eliminated.”

I just realized, I had not seen anyone or heard anyone go by since I got here.  To have all those backpacks means a lot of people passed through.  There were a lot of backpacks.  Just how long had he been here?  Do I ask the questions or just get us out of here?  If he gets cold feet or backs out of the plan because of the questions I ask, I don’t think my chances alone are as good as together.  I decided to ask the questions once we were on the other side.  Truth is; if we don’t make it, it won’t matter.

“What do you say, go or stay?”  I asked.

“When are we going?”

I must admit I wasn’t sure that was the answer I was going to get.

“We leave tomorrow morning.   We will set everything up before it gets dark and have it ready to go in the morning.”  I really did not want to try this in the dark.

“Okay.  I will help you after I take a look around the perimeter.”

“Great, I will go with you to check the perimeter and then we get to work.”

“No, you should stay and get everything together.  I won’t be long and we need to get this done before dark.  I do not want to be near the water at dark.”

Something was not right and I knew it.  I mean, this is like a movie where you say to the actors, “How could you be so dumb?  Check in the closet or under the bed or don’t go into the dark house.” 

Was I really being that stupid?  I decided I was going to the perimeter no matter what the outcome.

“Actually, I will go with you and if we don’t finish before dark then we will go the following day.”

The only problem, he didn’t hear me say that because when I looked up to say it, he was gone!

So, here I am getting it ready and tomorrow morning we will go.

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